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Are you planning for the first holiday to Vietnam? Let IndochinaValue help you customize a dream vacation. For sure, your Vietnam tour will be more exciting as you customize it in your own. It means that you just send us all your needs including interesting attractions, activities, type of accommodations, budget or any special wishes. Our travel consultants at IndochinaValue will get back shortly with a perfect proposal and best offer which are customized to meet all your needs.


How to customize a Vietnam tour
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Why you should customize a tour with IndochinaValue
Based on our experience of operator during many years, we really understand that most of travelers are keen on customizing your own trip that is preferred to any Vietnam tours. In addition, there will be 1 – on – 1 travel consultant at your service. We are willing to support you at anytime, therefore; you do not have to worry that you will be left alone during your trip. You can even meet your travel consultants and tell them more about travel information in Vietnam including where to go, what to eat and when to come, etc.

Reasons to remember Hue

In the past, Hue is an ancient capital of Vietnam. Coming to Hue, it’s easy to feel the deliberate lifestyle of people there which blends well with poetic nature, charming scenery. Therefore, Hue should be a must-visit destination of any Vietnam tour.

1. Try excellent cuisine

Hue cuisine

Similar to other regions, the cuisine in Hue is very rich and diversified. It is not only eye-catching form but also delicious flavor. The most mouth-watering food there are Bun Bo Hue (Hue Style beef vermicelli), Com Hen (rice with mussel), Banh Beo (Water fern cake), Che Hue (Hue sweet soup)

2. Vist Dong Ba market and buy the specialties
In Hue, Dong Ba market is the biggest one where businesses a wide range of categories from domestic goods to imported products, from fresh vegetables to clothes and souvenir. Apart from buying products, visitors can stop to seat in a snack store to try on some foods.

3. Experience in Hue’s Ao Dai

Hue's ao dai

Travel to Vietnam, it’s very easy to see the image of women in Ao Dai, especially in Hue. Ao Dai is the daily costume of Hue women, visitors would be fascinated by the pure and bright beautiful of Hue girls in their charming white dress going to school. Coming to Hue, many tourists want to get an outfit tailor-made as a special gift in Hue.

4. Stroll by cyclo
Despite being small, Hue city hides a lot of interesting things behind the sediments of time. When traveling in Hue, you should try strolling by cyclo to feel peace of life, to understand roads remaining beauty from the past. Especially, it would be a chance for you to heard attracting stories about Hue’s homeland and Hue people that not all of tour guides know if you start conversation with your cyclo-drive.

5. Enjoy tour in Lang Co beach

Lang co beach

For those who love beach, Lang Co is definitely an ideal destination. Located about 70km from Hue center, the beach brings itself peaceful, pure beauty, oddly! There are a lot of interesting activities such as flying kites on the beach, riding bicycle and sightseeing or trying on being a fisherman to catch fish.

In Hue, truthfully, we realize even ordinary, idyllic thing in life would give us emotions of being vague, missing that are unforgettable memories in tourist’s mind.

Recently, Bac Son Valley has been introduced by Whenonearth- famous website about tourism. The Valley owns beautiful rice field scenery in harvest belonging to Bac Son, Lang Son province. For those who love exploring the beauty of nature, this place should be a must-visit for tour to Vietnam

Bac Son valley

Belonging to Lang Son province, Bac Son Valley is far from Ha Noi about 160 kilometers to the North. This place is a mountainous district; people there are mostly Tay ethnic. Therefore, life of the Bac Son Valley is always peaceful, people and the natural scene are extremely impressive.
In order to watch completely the Valley, you should climb on the top of mountain to look down. Especially, if you come to Bac Son in harvest when the rice field turn yellow, you would be contemplate the magnificent scenery.

The mountains, the clouds and the green rice fields will fascinate all visitors who enjoy traveling Bac Son Valley. It’s very easy to see that Bac Son has many merits for irrigating which leads the people planted rice in two crops. Being planted in the different time, rice field also was harvested in turn which creates the various colorful with the pieces of field. These opposition color pieces were deeply impressed by anyone contemplated them and horizontal – vertical canals make the picture of Bac Son more magnetic.

If visitors come to Bac Son at the time when the rice is newly transplanted, the entire space will display a green color of the new rice. “The rarely green paradise on the earth” said Whenonearth.

Nowadays, the magnificent scenery of Bac Son is becoming the place that photographers and “phuot” travelers desires to explore at the moment

1 day to discover Ho Chi Minh City

Known as a modern city in Vietnam in general and the south of Vietnam in particular, Ho Chi Minh city or Saigon attracts a huge tourists. Coming to Saigon, travelers can enjoy lots of beauty – spot and historical relic or explore the culture, cuisine and daily life of people there. It will not make you disappointed. If your Vietnam tour just have one day in Ho Chi Minh city, here are the suggest destinations for you

1. Ben Thanh market
Located in the downtown area in Saigon, Ben Thanh market has become not only an tourism destination that attracts many tourists but also a symbol of the city. Visit the market you can easy to find all sorts of such items as foods, all kinds of seasonal fruits, clothing, handbags, shoes, souvenirs, etc. Besides, this place is a historical witness to the changes of Ho Chi Minh city.

2. Reunification Palace

Ho Chi Minh city tour

The Palace is known as Independence Palace where the different presidents of the South resided during two wars against the French and America colonists. The palace is also well-known for it unique architecture which is a blend of traditional and modern architecture. Vistors to Palace can view a lot of historical things.

3. War Remnants Museum 
Not far from Independence Palace, War remnant is a place where to keep war trophies and photographs documenting atrocities of War. The museum consists of several military equipment and photographs relating to the American phase of Vietnam War.

4. Dragon House Wharf
Traditionally, Dragon House Wharf is a large trading harbor to meet the demand of transportation between the Colonized Vietnam and the world. It is also where the president Ho Chi Minh departed Vietnam for his ideal.

5. Notre- Dame Cathedral

Ho Chi Minh city

Situated near Independence Palace, Saigon Notre – Dame Cathedral is a must-visit destination in your Vietnam travel. Different from other places, Notre – Dame cathedral is located in a very peaceful corner in the city.
We hope that with above suggestions, you may experience most of the facets of the city within your limited time budget for Vietnam holiday.

Top destinations around Ho Chi Minh City

Visiting Ho Chi Minh City, travelers will have many chances to visit historical relics, beauty spots or discover customs and culture of people there. However, we would like to suggest several interesting destinations around Ho Chi Minh City that you should not miss in your Vietnam tour itinerary.

1. Buu Long tourist area

Buu Long Tourist area

Located in Dong Nai province, just 30km from Ho Chi Minh City, Buu Long tourist area is recognized as the national culture heritage by Department of culture, sports and tourism of Vietnam. The area is built around artificial Long An Lake compared to the miniature of Halong Bay where is gather of dozens of rare bird species. Besides, visitors to Buu Long can join a lot of activities such as climbing, camping, sailing in the lake and enjoying lots of specility.

2. Vung Tau
Just take about 2 hours from Ho Chi Minh city by bus or car, Vung Tau is considered as the blend of nature and mountains, beaches and islands. With the length of 20km coast line and the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, Vung Tau is an ideal place for tourists to relax. Travel to Vung Tau, visitors are fascinated by the blue sea and the white sand.

3. Can Gio

Can gio forest

Can Gio is recognized as the world biosphere reserve by UNESCO. It is considered as one of the most beautiful forests in Southeast Asia. Situated 7km from Ho Chi Minh City, Can gio is known as one of a must-visit eco-tourism destination for tourists, especially kids. Visiting there, you can enjoy a fresh atmosphere, the beauty of nature and seeing lots of monkeys and crocodiles.

4. Cu Chi Tunnels
Cu Chi Tunnel takes about 3hours from Ho Chi Minh city, in Tay Ninh province. Visitors can go there by motorbike, bus or car. With 200km tunnel length, the tunnels is like an underground city which set up house villages, kitchens, ordnance factories, hospitals, bomb shelters. People had to spend their life underground during the combat. Nowadays, tunnels are expanded to easily move and have lights up.

5. Ben tre

Ben tre

Ben Tre just takes about 90 minutes from Ho Chi Minh city. It is one of interesting provinces of Mekong Delta that is considered as the land of coconut trees. Ben Tre is an amazing place for its river – garden ecotourism and cultural, historical tourism. Visit to Ben Tre, visitors would be fascinated by the natural beauty of the gardens with lush fruit trees.

We hope that these destinations above will be the interesting choices and leave the new-brand experience in your Vietnam holiday.

Fabulous Cai Be Floating Market

If one day you need a peaceful place or want to float with the soft waves, let’s come to Cai Be Floating market. For sure, you will be fascinated by the rhythm of brandishing water rowing, be immersed in the immense space of the Mekong Delta River.

Cai Be floating market

Cai Be Market is located in Cai Be district, Tien Giang province. Coming here, visitors will see small roads that are along the river side and hide under the coconut water. All things draw a beautiful picture. Cai Be has a peaceful beauty of the countryside and soaking garden. There, garden serial garden, river serial river, interwoven canals. Means of transport in Cai Be is entirely by water.

Cai Be market takes place on the river, the boat move like a spider – web. The market opens all day, but most crowded is from 6am to 9am. There are a lot of boats from gardens come to sale and purchase. Therefore, goods in the market are very rich and diverse as cloth, poultry, seafood, snack or drink, etc. The area is located in the fruit trade rivulet floating market. Travel to Cai Be floating market, visitors will have a chance to enjoy many different kinds of fruit: red rambutan, mango yellow blush, fragrant durian, green watermelon, etc. Hence, the best way to enjoy this place is siting on a wooden boat, drink a cup of traditional coffee and feeling about this. What’s amazing!